csgo skins is good for your csgo game

Counter Strike is the game the world, especially the youth is crazy about. Every dormitory and every technical gaming session has seen the never ending counter strike matches. This gaming series began on 1999 when the very first version of Counter-Strike was released as modifications to its predecessor.

Since then this game has seen almost 4 additions to its series, the latest being the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released on August 2012. It is actually a brand new map on Counter Strike, with the setting in a historic city of Italy and the theme is such that two major tourist destinations are under attack.

We have all heard a lot about the CSGO skins, but what are CSGO skins?

csgo skinsIn general when we speak about skins in a counter strike game or any video game it means the outlook of an outfit. The CSGO package was updated with the 100 skins scattered and categorized in 10 themes was launched in 2013.

But when speaking about CSGO skins it clearly means the added finish, design or skin we give to a weapon, whether it is a knife or a firearm after purchasing.  A skin doesn’t give any added efficiency or power, the weapon with the added skin behaves in an exactly similar manner even when a skin has been added.
To a weapon, a skin is like makeup which enhances the outer side and does nothing regarding enhancing the qualities. One may ask why buy a skin when it doesn’t even increase the power of a weapon.  Many gamers have raised the question

why you need get CSGO skins in counter strike global offensive game?


Well counter strike global offensive i.e. CSGO offers hundreds of realistic as well as very absurd choices for its users. They generally don’t provide any effective advantage but tactical advantages can be yielded out of these skins.

There are certain camouflaging skins which help your weapons in blending with the environment, such as the forest or jungle environment. Certain skins even come with various designs, anime prints for the sides of the rifles, knives as well as guns. Paintball gun finishes are widely liked by the users.

Skins vary from one other on various factors-

  1. Skins rarity which depends on the number of quality grades such as Consumer Grade, Industrial Grade, Mil-Spec Grade, Restricted, Classified, Covert and Gold.
  2. Skins exterior quality indicating freshness of a particular weapon depending on its wear and tear and are categorized as such- Field-Tested, Factory New, Well-Worn Minimal Wear and Battle-Scarred.
  3. Skins are also marked in a third way which is further classified into Normal, StatTrak or Souvenir and their features vary from one other where some can be acquired from loots whereas other also keep track of number of kills .

Skins are available and can also be earned as a reward for playing Counter Strike Global Offensive while playing over local or global servers.

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