NBA live mobile rookies guide and new features update

Do you want to be more adept in playing NBA live mobile? Then you will find the following guide immensely useful. Your squad is covered in this guide that straddles team composition and auction house flipping for in-game coins.

Team Composition

At the beginning of the NBA Live Mobile, you have the opportunity to choose your team. The most prudent thing is to opt for your favorite team unless all that you need is simply to win, and in which case you’d opt for a team with the highest overall stats to make the start of the game much easier for you. You should go for powerhouse players to fill your team.

Playing Through the Seasons

Every time you play a game through a season, you get some coins as well as a small amount XP for every quarter that you complete. It is also possible to get bonus season rewards pack if you use one of the required lineups for the game. But before you go for any of these game modes, first ensure that you have a strong line up.

Auto Play

Auto-play is a handy NBA Mobile Live feature found in the form of a play button adjacent to the scoreboard. It does a splendid job of controlling your players. It can also be immeasurably useful in grinding through the season with a good enough win rate.

Live Events


If you want easy first win XP, coin, and a card pack, you may have to complete the daily grind and daily drill live events. They are quick and easy to complete. Some of those live events are repeatable, and, therefore, you can farm them for card packs. As you transcend each difficulty level, you are given more rewards.


Achievements in NBA Live, though sometimes overlooked, are a surefire way to pick up card packs and money. Focus on General Achievements and Season Achievements as they will provide you with decent amounts of coins for building a better overall team or playing the game in certain ways.


Sets are any kind of cards that you can put together into a set of cards that you’ll sacrifice to get a better card in return. You can trade off player cards for trophy cards, or you can turn trophy cards into higher value players- the choice is yours. That is what most people do to left-over cards that they cannot auction or that they do not want to auction.


When it comes to building an all-star lineup, the auction house is your best friend. This is where you’ll need to apply your coins. Press the search button and change the overall average to your desired position. If a player is much better than the current player in that position, that player will have a green number. But if they aren’t better than the current player, they’ll have a red number for their stats.



The tutorial doesn’t teach you the following important moves:

– Pump fake- you just need to tap the shoot button.

– Spin- to spin, you need to double tap the Drive button so as to try to spin around a defenders guard.

– Steals- just tap the Guard button to steal the ball.

– Hesitation- to hesitate a bit, tap the Drive’ button just once.

– Fade away- if you want to make the move, head towards the baseline and tap  Shoot’d to do a Fade Away.

Some NBA LIVE MOBILE game new features

The launch of the NBA Live Mobile has been a great advancement for NBA fans. As it is with any technological development, it requires occasional improvements to suit the current user and streamline the previous challenges. With this App being a new one in the market, it had accuracy and shooting problems. However, with the season already taking place, the introduction of some significant upgrades is worth noting. The compatibility remains for both Android and Apple versions of mobile devices.

The New Features

The fact that it is a free App has increased its popularity on a global scale. The review base might have prompted the developers to improve on the initial features.

Shooting Accuracy

From the initial NBA Mobile Live App, the shooting mechanics had a problem. EA sports have included two major options for shooting, which optimizes the game. The shot meter allows the user to make measurable shots depending on the required power. As for the shot limiter, it reduces the bouncing-back impacts and their influence on accidental shots.

User Interface

The user interface has seen many improvements in an effort to improve User experience. You can now read the ratings and responses of both your shots and those of your opponents. From this feedback, it is possible to make improvements on your next gameplay. During gameplay, the developers have improved on your defense accuracy and rigidity. This armature incorporation serves to improve on the fun in the game as you can progress through, with relevant tackles.

In addition to this, the automatic steal has been reduced to suit the player. For instance, you can make drive and kick moves, without activation of the AI, even from the hoop. In case you want to make steals and blocks, the new NBA live mobile new features allows you to make relevant moves. As the game nears the end, the new improvements include tighter defense and competitive plays from your opponent.


This is a feature that helps determine the direction of gameplay, depending on the dunks and passes ratings. For instance, you can take successful drive to pass moves and have an alley-oop pass or dunk. The success depends on the dunks and passes ratings of the players. Of course, the size of centers defines the rates of the alley-oop dunks and passes.

Roster Features

Most of the improvements in Roster involve transitions. For instance, the five players who have had transfers have had new replacements for the new season. In addition, all the updates relate to the 2016/2017 NBA season in terms of CPU rosters and new KD items, with the maintenance of the initial City outlook. For the transfers, the players move with their items to their new teams.

Rookie Features

The upgrades relate to the 2016 draft of NBA alternations, with the inclusion of over 45 new players. The program Live Lineup feature is active and optimizes the gameplay with the attest updates from the fields and managements. On the onset of the game, there are eleven new sets and players are eligible to lottery bonuses on weekly and monthly milestones achieved.

Other features include creating the next star, the sixth lineup that promotes rewarding and the new Rookie Phenoms present for Sets and Packs.

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